The Leader in Bass Fishing Tournament Scales is coming to the World of Catfishing


Tournament fishing weigh-in scales with active motion filtering and weight lock for up to 300lbs.

Franklin, IN โ€“ February, 2016

Pro Tournament Scales, the leading manufacturer of Tournament fishing scales in North America today announced it is releasing a scale built for catfishing tournaments. The Company is thrilled to introduce a scale that will weigh up to 300lbs to handle these large fish.

โ€œWe are very excited to bring a new scale to the growing catfish sport and showcase our leading motion locking softwareโ€, says owner and CEO of Pro Tournament Scale, Terry Clarkson. โ€œThe sport is gaining in popularity every single year and itโ€™s about time they had a scale to weigh these huge fish!โ€

Pro Tournament Scales has been manufacturing high-end and entry level scales for Bass fishing, crappie fishing, walleye fishing and many types of off-shore fishing since 2004. The company revealed that these scales will also be manufactured in the in United States keeping American jobs in America.

Terry Clarkson also said, โ€œWe have had an incredible impact on bass tournament fishing and we canโ€™t wait to extend that to Catfish as well.โ€

To learn more about the scales and other products, or to book an interview, contact Adam Clarkson at 1.317.738.4474 or email,, or visit the website at

About Pro Tournament Scales

Pro-Tournament Scales is a division of the Agri-Tronix Corporation, which is an agricultural company that has been in business since 1981; supplying and servicing agricultural scales to farmers in the United States and Canada.