Alpha-Numeric 5-Line Leaderboard Scoreboard (2" Tall Characters)

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Our Leaderboards are built to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. To purchase contact 1-800-445-5058

To see "your name in lights" is what makes those weekend anglers feel like the Pros. No more waiting until the end of the event to find out who is winning. No longer do you need a staff member to operate a hand written leader board. This unit is programmed to display as many positions as the tournament director desires. Sponsors are excited about seeing their name on this unit that everyone in the crowd is watching.

  • Includes padded storage case for sign, power supply, and radio links
  • Includes Heavy-Duty tripod with mounting brackets and storage case
  • Includes Radio Hub that will transmit over 100 feet from display to computer
  • Includes Leader board software that interfaces with TaySys Software
  • 5 lines of 2" tall, sunlight readable characters
  • Displays are readable from 75 feet
  • High-Intensity LEDs provide a wide viewing angle and readability in direct sunlight
  • Size: 24.25" x 30.25" x 1.25"
  • Powered with 110 volt power supply connected to battery inverters or generators
  • Updates LIVE during the weigh-in process
  • Can run PRO/AM events and display both lists of anglers
  • Customize to display all anglers or only the names in payout positions
  • Display time and custom message before the events
  • Sponsors will pay to have their name displayed, great investment to generate income
  • Two messages can be programmed to display
  • Interfaces with TaySys software, must be used with TaySys Tournament Keeper
  • Leader Board Commander software is an easy point and click setup
  • Software updates can be downloaded from our site
  • 2 Year Warranty, covering manufacturing defects
2 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.