H2 Scale - Deluxe System

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H2 Deluxe Tournament scale for fishing tournaments for bass fishing, walleye fishing, catfish fishing, ice fishing and all types of recreational fishing that needs a great set of scales to weigh your fish.
Table Size 10" x 10"
Table Capacity 75 Pounds

The H2 deluxe is our most popular kit for Tournament Fishing. The H2 Deluxe includes the popular H2 scale indicator with it's exclusive motion filtering and lock. No more making a judgment call when it comes to flopping fish, the H2 will automatically lock on to the correct weight every time in under 5 seconds.

What's in the Box

  • H2 Base System
  • Waterproof Storage Case
  • LED Remote Display
  • Tripod with storage bag
  • 2 x Battery Chargers
  • Operators Manual

The most advanced and accurate scale, ever. If you are looking for the best weighing system out there, the H2 Series won't let you down. Our H2's now run on Lithium-Ion batteries, which provide you up to 20 hours of action. The dual harmonic filtering allows the H2 to lock onto the weight of a thrashing fish within 5 seconds, every time! Be prepared this season and run the most efficient trail to date.

The 10" x 10" table will accommodate our weigh baskets and the internal radio will work flawlessly with our remote displays.

Scale and Platform

3 Year Warranty

Remote Displays

2 Year Warranty

Li-Ion Batteries in Scale and Displays

1 Year Warranty
To extend the life of your Li-Ion Batteries don't drain them to completely empty and try to keep them charged when storing. Storing Batteries in a discharged state will significantly reduce the life span of batteries.

Seahorse Storage Cases

Lifetime Warranty

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