H2 Scale - Saltwater System

S-Hook Capacity 50lb , 150lb, 500lb, 1000lb, 1500lb, 2000lb, or 5000lb
Water Resistance Yes
Wireless transmission to computer software Yes
Motion Filtering and Lock Yes
Battery Powered Internal Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Saltwater tournaments need a great system too. We have created a system specifically with saltwater tournaments in mind. You get the reliable, accurate, and advanced scale system in the H2 Series, coupled with an industrial strength of the S-Hook load cell. To make sure your investment is taken care of this system includes a watertight storage case.

  • H2 Indicator
  • S-Hook Load Cell
  • Appropriate Capacity Eyebolts
  • Waterproof Storage Case
  • Owners Manual

Scale and Load Cell S-Hook

3 Year Warranty

Li-Ion Battery

1 Year Warranty
To extend the life of your Li-Ion Batteries don't drain them to completely empty and try to keep them charged when storing. Storing Batteries in a discharged state will significantly reduce the life span of batteries.