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Fishing Tournament Management, MADE EASY!

Tournament Keeper Software Box

Advanced features in the Tournament Keepertm simply make it the best computer software available for managing fishing tournaments

Are you a tournament director for:

  • bass club tournaments
  • local bass tournament circuits
  • walleye tournament circuits
  • state bass federations, TBF or Federation Nation
  • large national bass tournament organizations
  • Big Bass tournaments
  • salt water tournaments

The Tournament Keepertmwill work for you.

We have written programs for all of them!

  • Maintain multiple organizations or divisions within one program.
  • Schedule tournaments for individual draw, pro-am and two-man teams for any number of days
  • Enter weights in decimal pounds or pounds and ounces
  • Score tournaments by total weight or many types of point systems. We may even add your point system if it is not available
  • Score three in a boat or three on a team
  • Allow teams to have substitutes
  • Use our Payback Calculator to determine and award payouts.Paybacks can be calculated for each tournament based on total payback pool, expenses and other awards. A payback may be adjusted by dollar amount or percentage.
  • Year to date standings. You may even combine divisions to get a single year-to-date report.
  • Maintain a membership. Keep detailed demographics for members who may be active inactive or guests.
  • Print 1099′s. Since payouts can be accumulated audits can be run for any time period and 1099′s generated at the end of the year.

What do you think so far? Well, there is more

  • Create your own report layouts.
  • Optionally preview any report
  • Export any report to HTML, PDF, CSV, and various image formats
  • Email your reports
  • We can create custom reports for you.
  • Weigh fish on the Pro Tournament Scale, the weight is displayed to the audience and weight automatically entered into the program
  • Print weigh-slips with the continuous roll printer
  • Add the Pro Tournament Leader Board to display tournament leaders, big fish and sponsor information

and there is MUCH MORE

See What’s New in Version 7!

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Find out why the Tournament Keepertm is the MOST powerful fishing tournament management software to run your organization

Tournament Keeper Software Box

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