Tournament Accessories

  • Folding Weigh-in Basket

    Pro Tournament Scales

    Folding Weigh-in Basket

    The weigh basket is an important part of any system. Pro-Tournament Scales has developed a custom Weigh Basket that is perfect for all fishing tournaments. This basket is an alternative to the “standard” laundry basket that most...

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  • Stabilizer Plate

    Pro Tournament Scales

    Stabilizer Plate

    This stabilizer plate, when placed on top of active fish, will help calm the fish for a faster weigh reading. The plate was designed to fit our folding weigh baskets. Machined from high-grade marine seaboard. The edges are machined smooth and two finger...

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  • Radio Hub for Model 357

    Pro Tournament Scales

    Radio Hub for Model 357

    Wireless hub now has rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries! No more wasteful 9Volt batteries! This Radio hub is used to wirelessly transmit the data from your Model 357 scale to a remote display. This is included with model 357 deluxe but will need to be...

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  • Computer Radio Hub.  Receives wireless signal from scale.  Requires an H2 Scale and Taysys Tournament Keeper software

    Pro Tournament Scales

    Radio Hub for Computer and H2

    This Radio hub is used to wirelessly transmit the data from your Computer to the H2 Scale. Taysys Tournament Keeper software is required and can be piurchased from

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  • Watertight Storage Case (MEDIUM)


    Watertight Storage Case (MEDIUM)

    This case is perfect for the Model 357 without a remote displayThese Watertight, dust-proof cases are ideal to pack your computer, camera, or anything that you don't want to get damaged. Go ahead and load this case up, then extend the collapsible locking...

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  • Heavy Duty Extendable Tripod


    Heavy Duty Extendable Tripod

    This 90 lb rated tripod will place your remote display up in the air where everyone can see it. It folds for storage and we include a canvas storage bag. Your equipment is protected and looks good for years. These are also excellent for PA speakers.Easy...

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  • Watertight Storage Case (For 12" or 7" Displays)


    Watertight Storage Case (For 12" or 7" Displays)

    Built for hard use, high impact and supreme weather resistance, new Vault series gun cases are the most rugged and secure in their class. Equipped with a host of premium protective features at a price more hunters and shooters can afford, as only the...

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  • Epson Tournament Ticket Printer


    Epson Tournament Ticket Printer

    This printer has become a favorite with many of our large tournament directors because it can run un-staffed. The tickets are printed on standard 2-part adding machine paper and a built in cutter-bar cuts through 90% of the ticket, leaving a small...

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