About Us

Pro-Tournament Scales is a division of the Agri-Tronix Corporation, which is an agricultural company that has been in business since 1981; supplying and servicing agricultural scales to farmers in the United States and Canada.

Our ag-scales get used everyday of the year whether it's blazing hot or bone chilling cold in the freezing rain. So you can be assured that we know how to produce a scale that is accurate and dependable. Unlike other scale manufacturers that sell a scale that can be used for a fishing scale, our scales have been designed exclusively for tournament fishing weigh-ins. Motion averaging and motion lock are just a few of the features that set our scales apart from any other scales on the market.

Pro-Tournament Scales entered the tournament weighing market at the ESPN Bassmaster Classic and FLW Show in the summer of 2004... and the response was phenomenal. After talking with tournament directors from all over the country, Pro-Tournament Scales gathered valuable information and ideas on how best to design our systems for the needs of tournament fishing weigh-ins. We now offer an entire product line for tournament weigh-ins. And there are even more products currently in the works.


We are the first (and only) scale company to interface commercially, available software with legal-for-trade scales and ticket printers. Our selection of affordable, large-digit remote displays will give your tournament the look and feel of a professional, organized tournament.