Catfish Series


  • Model 357 Deluxe Tournament scale for fishing tournaments for bass fishing, walleye fishing, catfish fishing, ice fishing and all types of recreational fishing that needs a great set of scales to weigh your fish.

    Pro Tournament Scales

    Model 357 - Deluxe System

    Runs over 22 Hours on a single set of AAA batteries Stainless Steel Platform is rated to handle water splashing. The indicator is not. Users love this scale. Just ask around In Stock for immediate shipping Included with the...

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  • Pro Tournament Scales

    H2 Catfish Series - Base System

    The most advanced and accurate scale, ever. If you are looking for the best weighing system out there, the H2 Series won't let you down. Our H2's now run on Lithium-Ion batteries, which provide you up to 20 hours of action. The dual harmonic filtering...

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