Are Fish Wet?

That's why our H2 professional line of tournament scales are waterproof.

IP6x rated so you can use your scale the way it was inteded to be used.

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Dual Harmonic Motion Filtering

Automatically locks onto moving fish in less than 4 seconds. Guaranteed.

3 Year Warranty

We built a scale to last, that's why we offer a 3 year warranty on the H2 Tournament Weigh-In Scale.

Over 20 Hours of Battery

Rechargable internal lithium-ion battery will keep the H2 runnign all day long.

Internal Radio

Wireless communication to remote scoreboards and computer tournament management software.

Works in harsh environments

From -20° up to 140° You can trust the H2 Scale System to always be there for you.

IP6x Waterproof

You need it to work around wet flopping fish right?

The most advanced and accurate scale, ever.

If you are looking for the best weighing system out there, the H2 Series won't let you down. The dual harmonic filtering allows the H2 to lock onto the weight of a thrashing fish within 5 seconds, every time! Be prepared this season and run the most efficient trail to date.

H2 rendering
Power 10-17V DC
120mA, backlight off
270mA, backlight 100%
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8V 2200mAh
Up to 25 hours of run time, backlight off
Up to 6 hours of run time, backlight 100%
Enclosure Structural poly-carbonate
Internal Radio FCC approved, 100 ft range
Display 6 digit, 14 segment, 1.1” character
10-level brightness backlight
A/D Conversion 60 times per second
Units Lb - 50.00 lb x .01 lb
Kg - 25 kg x .01 kg
Lb/oz - 50 lb x .1 oz
Accuracy +/- 1 division
Zero Track 5 counts (.05 lb)
Environment -20°F to 140°F

Pro Equipment.
For Pro Tournaments.

If you want your anglers to take you seriously you can put that $89 walmart scale back in the boat.

H2 Tournament Fishing Scale


I have been a weigh-master for the Potholes Bass Club for over 25 years. Our Club decided, on my insistence, to purchase this H2 scale- deluxe system. This is the best system I have ever worked with and I highly recommend it! The system is worth every penny when it comes to weighing tournaments. Easier on the fish because of the ease and speed of weighing in. Fabulous product, enough said!
Thomas T.
Potholes Bass Club
We just got this system a couple weeks ago and used it for our first event for Man vs Bass Maine Trail. This scale is fast and accurate. Locks in as advertised. Had 45 teams weighed in about 45 minutes.
Corey V.
Maine Man vs Bass Trail
If you want to impress your anglers, sponsors, and the general public, then this system is for you. The weigh system itself is dependable and durable. We frequently check our calibrations and have yet to need to recalibrate the scale. The display board leaves no doubt for the anglers and public that the weight you call out is the actual weight. The printer may be the best feature, allowing you the ability to print out a weigh-in ticket so that the angler has an actual record in hand, plus you have a paper back-up just in case of a electronics snafu. We have used this system for 5 tournaments in the past 10 months, and all we get are 'WOW' and thanks for bringing a system where there is no question about the weigh-in results.
Joe Grist
Used it for the first time with a tourney of 22 boats. Weights locked in super quick. Having the Display so everyone could see the weight kept behind the scales free of onlookers!!! Weigh in went smooth and fast!!

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