Maintaining a Positive Reputation for Your Tournament

Maintaining a Positive Reputation for Your Tournament

Posted by Jack “Bo” Johnson on Nov 2nd 2017

The biggest variable that your anglers and fans look at is your tournament’s reputation. Small issues can ruin all the work you have put into building your events. We will go over some ways to be proactive and avoid this from happening.

Keeping your standards high is first and foremost. Keep your rules and regulations basic and enforce them. Don’t let stuff just slide. Make sure your anglers keep all their licenses and registrations up to date so no one will have any legal issues, including yourself. Keep all your tournament fees paid also. Do thorough live well checks before every tournament.

Payout is also extremely important. Always make it clear what each place pays. Many tournaments have different payouts depending on the amount of boats and list the prize for each attendance level.

Rewards for big bass or “trash fish” are always a good addition. Keep these as a side pot that is optional. Calcutta’s such as rods, reels, pliers, or gift cards are great to throw in. To draw crowd attendance, offer prize drawings and giveaways from your sponsors.

Ensure your anglers are always safe. Refrain from takeoff until safelight and all fog has receded. If the lake you are fishing has stumps or random shallow spots, be sure to warn your anglers.

Keeping your reputation intact will keep your tournament thriving and productive. 

Written by: Jack “Bo” Johnson
I have been fishing since I could walk. I started fishing bass tournaments 7 years ago and started writing 5 years ago. Fishing has always been my passion, so writing about it just comes naturally.