Weigh-ins: Attracting a Crowd

Posted by Jack “Bo” Johnson on Oct 16th 2017

When looking at big tournaments, like the Bassmaster Elite Series or the FLW Tour, you see hundreds of people at the weigh-ins. These tournament trails have mastered the art of gathering a crowd. Not only do people come for the weigh-in, but the event and vendors prior to it.

Most tournaments just have the angler’s family at weigh-in. This is due to there being nothing else of interest to attract people. When organizing your tournaments, check with local businesses and your sponsors to see if they would be interested in setting up booths before your weigh-in. This gives the families something to do before and after. Keeping the angler’s families happy will keep them coming back as well.

To attract other families with small children, consider setting up activities and bouncy houses. Face painting and coloring booths are simple effective activities for kids. Have some coloring books made to hand out with your tournament’s information on it.

Food trucks and trailers will help bring in people also. Anglers coming off the water will be hungry as well. Just having some food vendors is a huge plus.

Market your weigh-in after the tournament as a festival or some type of family event. Sponsors love to see big crowds at weigh-ins where people are more involved and actively participating. The more exposure the better.

Written by: Jack “Bo” Johnson
I have been fishing since I could walk. I started fishing bass tournaments 7 years ago and started writing 5 years ago. Fishing has always been my passion, so writing about it just comes naturally.