Model 357 - With Waterproof Storage Case

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Warranty Full 1 year warranty
Table Size 15" x 12"
Table Capacity 50 Pounds (Standard)
150 Pounds (Catfish Edition)
Battery Powered Runs off 4 AAA disposable batteries
Wireless transmission to remote displays With Optional Radio Hub
Wireless transmission to computer software Does not communicate with software
Water Resistance Indicator: No
Table: Yes

Runs over 22 Hours on a single set of AAA batteries

Stainless Steel Platform is rated to handle water splashing. The indicator is not.

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The Model 357 includes the power supply shown here so you can run the unit while plugged into the wall.
Included with the Model 357 is an AC power supply so you can run the unit while plugged in.

If you think because you have a limited budget, you have to settle on a non-tournament rated scale system, then think again. The 357 Tournament Weigh-In System can either read out in pounds or ounces. reads out in lbs with .01 lb accuracy. With the simple press of a button, reads out in lbs and ozs to the nearest tenth ounce. The 357 has a Weight-Lock feature that will lock the measured weight on the LCD display screen and keep it there until a button is pressed to clear it.

The 15" x 12" table will accommodate large weigh baskets and there is even a built-in output port for remote displays. This stainless steel table and indicator will provide years of service to your club.

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Lbs, Ozs, and Kgs
Our 357 series scale can work in lbs, kgs, or lbs/ozs with the press of the UNITS button.
Weight Hold
To enter HOLD mode press the HOLD button on the indicator. Once the weight is stabilized the 357 will lock and hold the weight on the screen even after the weight is removed. The icon on the screen will remind the operator the display is in HOLD mode. To release the HOLD function, again press the button labeled HOLD.
Pressing the ZERO button will zero the scale. The system also has "Auto Zero Tracking". This feature will automatically zero the scale when the weight is close to zero. This accounts for water buildup in the basket or table top.
Large Weigh Table
The 357 system has a large 12" x 15" stainless steel weighing surface that will support large weigh baskets. The table is equipped with self leveling load cells located on each corner of the weigh table. The stainless surface cleans easily and will not rust.
1-Year Warranty
All Model 357 Systems have a 1-Year warranty on the Indicator and Weigh Table.
Switch between lbs or lbs and ounces with the press of a button.
Switch between lbs or lbs and ounces with the press of a button
*Some accessories are not covered by warranty.
Qty Warranty
Model 357 Tournament Fishing Scale Model 357 Scale and Platform x1 1-Year
Waterproof Storage Case Waterproof Storage Case x1 Lifetime
9-volt power supply for bass fishign scale 9-Volt Power Supply x1 1-Year
Desktop stand for Model 357 Indicator Desktop stand for Model 357 Indicator x1 *
AAA Batteries AAA Batteries x4 *
Owner's Manual Owner's Manual x1 *