Basket and Stabilizer Plate

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  • Folding Weigh-in Basket
    Folding Weigh-in Basket €29,79 €25,53 Choose Options Choose Options
    The weigh basket is an important part of any system. Pro-Tournament Scales has developed a custom Weigh Basket that is perfect for all fishing tournaments. This basket is an alternative to the “standard”...
  • Stabilizer Plate
    Stabilizer Plate €21,28 €17,02 Add To Cart
    This stabilizer plate, when placed on top of active fish, will help calm the fish for a faster weigh reading. The plate was designed to fit our folding weigh baskets. Machined from high-grade marine seaboard. The edges are...
  • 2 Baskets and Stabilizer Plate Combo
    2 Baskets and Stabilizer Plate Combo €76,60 €63,83 Choose Options Choose Options
    This Combo includes 2 of our folding weigh-in baskets and 1 stabilizer plate at a discounted package price!