​Getting Your Tournament Sponsored

Posted by Jack “Bo” Johnson on Oct 5th 2017

Now that you have your tournament set up and have a schedule in place, you need sponsors. Sponsors not only can take some of the financial load off of you, the tournament director, but can also help get publicity for your tournament. Anglers like to see businesses put their name on a tournament, because it means they believe it will be successful.

The more anglers you can get preregistered, the higher the chance of landing big sponsors. It could take 2 or 3 tournaments for businesses and companies to become confident in the turnout at your events. Make sure to keep good records of head counts for future sponsorship inquiries.

After you feel confident in presenting your tournament for sponsorship, start by setting up meetings with the owners of the companies and businesses you plan to target. Have your pitch ready and have proof of everything you will say and present to them. Ensure them that you will push their product or services as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to negotiate if you feel that you can.

Invite the companies and businesses to attend a weigh-in to see what your tournament is all about. Ensure you are on top of everything when you have a heads up that they will be there. Potential sponsors like to see a professional environment that they feel comfortable having promote their brand. Make sure everything is clean and orderly. Your equipment makes a very big impression as well. Your Pro Tournament Scales are sure to make a great visual representation of your tournament and how it is ran. Give your potential sponsors the tour of your weigh-in before the anglers get back to the landing. Give them the opportunity to say a few words at the weigh-in as well.

Written by: Jack “Bo” Johnson
I have been fishing since I could walk. I started fishing bass tournaments 7 years ago and started writing 5 years ago. Fishing has always been my passion, so writing about it just comes naturally.