Wireless Remote Scoreboard Display - 12" (with Storage Case)

Estimated Process Times
Overall Height 15"
Digit Height 12"
Sign Width 48"

Pro Tournament Scales offers you the best 12" Remote Display on the market. Our Remote Displays can be read in direct sunlight with a viewing angle up to 170 degrees. Our displays are equipped with radio receivers so they can be mounted up to 100 feet from our scales. Not only does it keep the crowd entertained and informed, it also eliminates any angler wondering if anything "fishy" is happening during the Weigh-Ins, since the weights are displayed live.

What's Photo Recall?
Photo recall is a new feature of all Pro Tournament Scales Weigh-in Displays.  Simply press the recall button on your H2 Scale and the last locked weight will be displayed on your remote for 15 seconds.
This is great for taking pictures of the anglers while holding up there big catches!
(NOTE: you must have an H2 scale to use this feature.)

Easy Setup
Simply run power to the Remote and turn on your scale. All signs are pre-configured from the factory to work with our H2 Series Scales. (The 357 Scale, requires the optional Radio Transmitter)

Radio Equipped
All of our Remote Displays are equipped with Radio Receivers. This clears up the clutter of cables, as well as provides you with the possibility of hooking up multiple Remote Displays

All Units Battery Powered
Along with our scales all of our Remote Displays are battery powered. Run your Tournament without the mess of cables running everywhere.

1-Year Warranty
All LED Remote Displays have a 1-Year Warranty. We will repair or replace any LED Remote Displays that fail due to manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year.

1 Year Warranty

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